Does CBD work?

You may have heard about CBD being used by people with pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fibromyalgia, arthritis and a wide variety of other conditions.

Due to government regulations we are unable to offer advice for specific complaints or conditions. Our CBD oils are sold as mouth fresheners and therefor we are not legally permitted to make any medicinal claims.

We can however point you to surveys of CBD users experiences of taking this natural product.


A large CBD usage survey was carried out in 2019 where 2400 of HelloMD's community members were surveyed. The study is quite detailed but the key findings are listed below.

- CBD was most commonly used to treat insomnia, depression, anxiety, pain and inflammation, muscle tension/strain, migraines, arthritis, nausea and PTSD .

- 84% of CBD users found CBD to be extremely or very effective.

- 85% found CBD to be more effective than over the counter medication.

- 73% found CBD to be more effective than prescribed medication.


ProjectCBD conducted another large survey with over 3500 participants from 58 different countries. This report is largely broken down per ailment and we list some key findings below. Brackets show the number of  CBD users with each ailment.

Pain (2,202).

- 90% reported a reduction in frequency and duration of pain with 60% reporting that CBD made these much better.

- Pain scores from 1-10 were averaged at 6.85 without CBD and 2.76 with CBD, a 60% decrease in intensity of pain.

Sleep (1,521).

- An average time to get to sleep was reduced from 62 to 20 minutes using CBD.

- Users of CBD woke up 3 times less from an average of 4.3 times (no CBD) to 1.4 times (CBD).

Mood Disorders, anxiety, depression etc (1,631).

92% experienced some level of relief using CBD, with 68% reporting feelings of nervousness were much reduced.

This report summarises:-

CBD "has a strong safety profile, and is extraordinarily effective at ameliorating pain and anxiety.


New Frontier Data produced a survey called "The EU CBD Consumer Report: 2019," surveying over 3000 CBD users in 17 European member states. The key finding for UK and Ireland can be found below.

- 74% believe that CBD has positively impacted their quality of life.

- 42% use CBD to reduce anxiety.

- 38% use CBD for stress relief.

- 35% use CBD for pain management and relaxation.


YouGov conducted a less extensive survey of 1650 of the UK's general population. Of those participants that used CBD the key findings were:-

- 61% used CBD for a medical reason.

- Of those who use CBD medically, 71% used CBD for pain, 38% for anxiety/depression, 24% for sleep disorders and 10% for arthritis.

- 37% used CBD for non medical reasons.

The last statistic is interesting but not surprising. Many of our customers use our CBD oils for general health and wellbeing.


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